Oh fuck, my video got sponsored!
Get in the shower with DJ Mona-Lisa: http://ping.fm/2c2Kh
Cool..give me 30 mins or so..bye!
Randy: Wow ur strong, I hope everything turns out well. Email me the link to ur new video when ur done.
Certainly not..after my account was shut down with over 200,000 fans, I bled, cant bleed no more!
Randy: PS..DJ, in case your account gets shut down, are you afraid to start over from scratch?
Randy: okay let's go!
Yes, I do!
Randy: I don't know. In case your account get shuts down, do you have copies of all your videos.
Randy: DJ did you have clothes on?
Randy I did a video in the shower, do you think it will be ok with YouTube..get back to me ASAP!