Yea it happened last week..this crazy chick came by my hotel..here's the correct link: http://ping.fm/etIdY
Yea it happened last week..this crazy chick came by my hotel: http://ping.fm/viVKC
The hoodie in the video was purchased in Jamaica. I like it loose. So I think I bought a 2x: http://ping.fm/RLlnt
Well that night I drank so much coffee and I couldnt stay still so I headed downstairs for the gym: http://ping.fm/EKnqT
Wow April you could tell something was wrong with me..gosh thats so cool, my fans know when Im ill.
I really overdid it. B4 I did the gym video I drank coffee 2..that was so stupid. No wonder I talked crap! http://ping.fm/LTv22
Yea April I wasnt...well drank too much coffee Monday night and crashed for 2 days..Ive never felt so weak.
Baby, Happy Belated Fathers Day: http://ping.fm/0XCVm
Babez, Im sorry but Im just uploading my Father's Day gift..it's call Daddy's Girl. Watch out 4 it!
I can tell when ppl are making love to me in cyberspace, states DJ Mona-Lisa: http://ping.fm/6zFcz
Reality Show: DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame) Porn Star: http://ping.fm/nuETM