DJ Mona-Lisa flaunts her beauty and talks about her relationship while chilling in Miami: http://ping.fm/z3X1u
Living La Vida Loca ft DJ Mona-Lisa (Part 1 ) in the next 15 mins: http://ping.fm/Xqols
Pretty Woman now entitled Living La Vida Loca..divided into segments due to the long hrs of upload.
Pretty Woman ft DJ Mona-Lisa may take another 5 hrs to upload..sorry for the inconvenience.
Pretty Woman ft DJ Mona-Lisa was filmed a few hours ago in South Florida. Watch out for it shortly! http://ping.fm/5woF2
Happy Fathers Day from DJ Mona-Lisa. Exclusive poolside interview entitled Pretty Woman coming at you!
Sex Money Love ft DJ Mona-Lisa ("Give Your Heart A Break-Demi Lovato") Parody http://ping.fm/LT9tP
Blood Money Ft DJ Mona-Lisa (Sexy "Call Me Maybe" Parody)http://ping.fm/4ye7k
Dear Diary, who really are you? I'm sure you're not just the pages of a book.
To born and just aim for a comfortable life is living yet dying. What will I tell my master when I return to Him?
I realize that to gain it all is to really lose it all. Im referring to character, status and disposition.
Im scared, making it to the top makes you feel like you've hit rock bottom when the ones to celebrate with you are all dying!