My sister is ill; she keep asking God, why her. In the midst of my soul I get this feeling that she wish it was me in her position.
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The truth is they want all the pie and I gotta get a piece of it..I swear!
No doubt, Im a virus that cyberspace can't get rid of!
It makes me laugh when social networks see me as a threat and delete my ass!
Oh God hold back the tears for now. Dont wanna be seen crying. It makes me feel so weak.
Im really crying Yow..she says Im the only one that has the power to heal her...Oh my sister..Plz don't leave me!
Im crying for my sister...she needs me. Im gonna bathe her, cook for her and massage her. Bullet grazed her head.
Beauty and Sapphire 7 yrs old today. Acts just like me..These twins aren't mean but as sweet as can be.
Happy Birthday to my twin daughters, Beauty and Sapphire. Oh gosh I love you!
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