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Showing posts from June 12, 2012
Like I always say, God is not finish with me yet. Someday I will be refined..the same saying applies to you my friend.
"As a child, I watched movies where ppl found Jesus Christ. I told myself that I would make such movies later as an adult."
Thanks for watching Sex Television featuring yours truly. It's amazing how these videos get better as time goes by.
Dear fans, thank you for loving me. If it weren't for you, I would have been like a book on a shelf that was never read!
Females also claiming that theyre too stressed to have sex in this economy..Watch Sex Money Love ft DJ Mona-Lisa.
I know this guy-he cheated with the landlord so that he could cover the expense for the place where he and his girl lives. Video: Sex Money Love.
Men are cheating more than ever. They claim that a friend loan them the money to pay the car Sex Money Love ft DJ Mona-Lisa.
The economy..women are cheating so that they can pay the Sex Money Love ft DJ Mona-Lisa..coming up!