Movie Trailer: Sex In The City ft DJ Mona-Lisa http://ping.fm/imZYk
Im just finishing my paperwork to go back to college-already my head is pounding..need to do a naughty video yow..stressed!
Shocking: I was trying to break up a fight amongst two guys when I overheard one of the fighters calling on..not God but-Saint Lucifer.
Damn..I was watching an advertisement on my video..crude..didnt know ppl were aborting babies cause they're girls.
It's a female DJ in New York that was also on WNWK 105.9 fm..speaks a strong Jamaican dialect...that's all I can say!
DJ Mona-Lisa, do you mind if I ask who was the DJ that paid $4000.00 to have you killed here: http://ping.fm/KZSR5
To my sponsors on YouTube: Thanks for the inspirational ads that accompany my videos. I really appreciate u..thanx 2 my fans.
My latest video filmed yesterday: http://ping.fm/i9Yb5
Thanks for the endorsements...I am never sufficient neither am I truly efficient but with God's spirit I am capable of great things.
BranchOut Kareem Knight endorses DJ Mona-Lisa: “DJ Mona-Lisa is ambitious and driven....A real go-getter.”
BranchOut endorsement from Maurice Richmond: DJ Mona-Lisa “You have a unique ability to communicate complex ideas with ease.”
Blood Money ft DJ Mona-Lisa: http://ping.fm/uE10O
Blood Money Ft DJ Mona-Lisa (Sexy "Call Me Maybe" Parody): http://ping.fm/rqGPA
Ryan: DJ Mona-Lisa welcome back..hope you wont get spanked again by YouTube!
They're here watching Blood Money and talking bout how my neck is beautiful..crazzzzy!
Its amazing how I smile a lot in my videos lately..I think that says a lot! Blood Money next 5 minutes.
DJ Mona-Lisa spent three months living amongst the poor trying to understand life...the rare interview this week.
Lol...my video cumming at you soon..sexy version of Call Me Maybe...Blood Money!
Tom: Oh Baby, feels Gooooood!
Heres a kiss Tom, put it where u want to!
Thank you Masha, just wanna let you and my other fans know today that ur bless and that means, no-one can stop you.
Masha: Bible seh "Who god bless, let no man curse" so true. Keep doin ya thing hun, ur making a difference in so many ways.
Marsha: Chosen One, Ur the truth and ppl should know that..can't wait to see ur video..Blood Money!
You know Steve, everyday I strive to maintain my sanity and most of all I search my soul constantly to make sure its not contaminated.
Blood Money ft DJ Mona-Lisa. Is the video about that incident with ur mom? No, its about another deejay and me!
This is a true story..my mom once tried to get a death certificate on me...was willing to pay for it..she died soon after...Blood Money!
I hope my sister will get well soon..its time you realize that Im chosen. Stop hating on me sis..I never asked God for fame.
Did she die? No she almost did, its time ppl especially my family realize that God meant it when he says, touch not my anointed.
DJ what really offset the Blood Money video? My sister recently called down death on me. Later that evening she instead was in the hospital.
Ur video, Blood Money-why now? This particular event realigns itself in the minds of ppl who believe they have the power to destroy.
Blood Money Starring DJ Mona-Lisa coming up!