What can I say..the administrators of YouTube granted all my wishes. Im afraid tho that someday theyll let me go.
I consider YouTube to be my parent too. Being spanked right now tho-no access to my account: http://ping.fm/uNnqX
I said on Mothers Day that my parents are online friends who took me under their wings..aint that the living truth!
Honestly I feel closer to my online friends than my family. They are just filled with so much jealousy.
Told my girlfriends that she's my sister..same mother..same father-they said, hell no..that cant be.
She actually said that to me.
My sister visited..told you I'm still beautiful and look like 26 but not to forget that Im OLD..Bitch!
ENJOY! DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame Reality Series) The Limelight http://ping.fm/enoeU
DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame Reality Series) The Limelight: http://ping.fm/P74Vz
I aint telling you when Im coming, Im just gonna show up on ur ass!
I was tempted to cheat Boo but I didn't. We'll talk things over when I land.
DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame) Reality Show Trailer http://ping.fm/hD5ZF
Delirious (Sexy Version ft DJ Mona-Lisa) Vistoso Bosses http://ping.fm/jFYtA
Seriously I know of guys who lose everything even their jobs after sleeping with some girls-gotta be careful Yow!
Alexis I didnt mean to talk about you just now...just heard you got a deadly pussy that makes guys cars break down!
I have a lucky pussy..some bitches pussy bring down some real deadly crosses and destruction: http://ping.fm/ZMRM1
7 Strokes 4 Luck unavailable on official channel: I do believe if u look at my breast u'll have gud luck http://ping.fm/WMHVS
My recent 3 videos arent on my official channel-just on my personal channel: Blue Movie ft DJ Mona-Lisa: http://ping.fm/XxE8X
This video will be a reminder of when I was happy-minutes b4 Courtney broke my heart again-also when I was 13: http://ping.fm/cOyg3
Delva and Yvette are my friends from Haiti; they are here trying to cheer me up-its not working!
Delva says its okay if I cheat too to pay the bills.
I need to keep boyfriend in America then Delva I cant deal with the concept of my man cheating on me.
Yvette says if Im far away the dude needs to masturbate...I agree!
Delva says I live too far away thats why my boyfriend cheats on me but I dont care cause I never cheated on him.
As you know Im locked out of my account for two weeks but plz feel free to check out my videos: http://ping.fm/dMGCf
Goodnight everyone, thanks for hearing me out..tired of all these dramas in my life: http://ping.fm/sAAMP
Yea the song truly defines whats going on in my relationship..I do better being a player: http://ping.fm/cXEJ0
He shared the news of cheating on me after I just finish shooting this video so that smile is gone 4 now: http://ping.fm/hrDUH
I saw him kissed a girl when I was 13, now that he's still kissing girls, we may call it quits: http://ping.fm/KG7Uo
My boyfriend admits to being with someone else so I dont know if we're gonna make it: http://ping.fm/rDUIK
And mom I still wonder why you changed my name from Venice to Veneice-it changed my direction in life: http://ping.fm/A7NKj
I like this video cause I wasnt being DJ Mona-Lisa, I was just being me-Venice: http://ping.fm/9DNbj
High School Musical ft DJ Mona-Lisa: http://ping.fm/0ux17
7 Strokes 4 Luck ft DJ Mona-Lisa: http://ping.fm/ssszj