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Bitch go buy ur own soap if ya start sleeping with a man..don't call on me..u aint gonna mess up dis day 4 real!
Bitch go buy ur own soap if ya start sleeping with a man..don't call on mom..oh no, u aint gonna mess up dis day!
If you're a mother and ur man fails to call you for Mother's Day, its time to get rid of him...aint got time for guys whose trippin'
Happy mothers Day to all the teachers who taught me well in school..where would I be without you?
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Happy mothers day to the woman who has no child but embraces every child she comes across during her entire life.
Happy Mothers day to all my online friends...I am your spiritual child, if it weren't for you I would have ran wild!
Hey mom, what is like on the other side? I guess one day I'll know-right! Happy Mothers Day to the most beautiful angel in my life!
Owen, my nephew that wasnt cool Yow when you cursed Mikey...mentioned his dad being dead...hurts 4 sure!
Im so blessed, my life clearly defines that being a mom takes nothing from you but add blessings instead...my bio coming up.
My kids are fighting to give me mothers days hug-Sapphire says to her bro, stand back you loser, she is my mom.
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The other day Chris demanded that I cook him some chicken...I really like this kid Yow!
Gotta let this kid stop coming to my house. Chris is from Haiti..4 yrs old..he's in love with me but likes to talk all my business.
Beauty and Sapphire, you know ur the greatest gifts on earth-thanks for the drawings and the warm cup of tea!
By the way Marc Im sure you heard me say that I scared of drinking that water..what do you think I was talking about...Dumb! http://ping.fm/a8Y5o
Can you believe this fool wanna sue me..ass hole- never liked you..could tell from the interview: http://ping.fm/s6LRs