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Showing posts from May 6, 2012
We solved it bro..dats why she got 2 for herself and the other for the 22 kittens..kick her to the curb pronto!
Good night everyone...hey lets take and serious risk this week and see what happens..remember no pain, no gain!
Dear Diary, I pray that the spirits in Jamaica may welcome me as I redo my videos. Courtney will be waiting also the beaches and summer breeze.
Dear Diary, I can make a million more videos, he has lost a friend, he might as well keep the ones he stole or release and I'll sue 'em.
Dear Diary, the person who stole my videos wants thousands of dollars to help him out yet wont admit he stole 'em.
DJ Mona-Lisa videos demographics: Jamaica is at number 9 followed by France. 73 percent of viewers in U.S are actually females.
What did DJ Mona-Lisa text her true love Courtney today after reuniting after 30 new video cumming up shortly!
Dear Diary, my team is working hard on this one-they say that the one video saved from those stolen will be published-do you believe?
Guess what Diary, there was one video that was on a different camera..we may be able to retrieve it successfully today.