Keith Lewis: DJ Mona-Lisa, say it to all so everyone may understand, Almighty God is number 1. Every time..All the time.
DJ Mona-Lisa: How you gonna f*ck, f*ck then 2 days after bring ur bitch down on me? Love and Hip-Hop http://ping.fm/hLHii
DJ Mona-Lisa steps up her game to handle the dark side of fame..Love and Hip-Hop ft popular reality star..DJ Mona-Lisa: http://ping.fm/X9iRK
DJ Mona-Lisa famous words: You can't put a man b4 God..gottta put God 1st: http://ping.fm/KokIx
Love and Hip-Hop Reality Show Pt 1 ft DJ Mona-Lisa: http://ping.fm/LSG1E
DJ Mona-Lisa: To even say I'm DJ Mona-Lisa is to totally limit myself, declares famous online reality star: http://ping.fm/M5IBk
DJ Mona-Lisa: Sexual gratification cannot be compared to the feeling that I get when Jesus touches me: http://ping.fm/9GiAU
DJ Mona-Lisa: my connection with God: http://ping.fm/TBPcP
May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, Oh Lord my Strength and my Redeemer.
Beautiful people, Good Morning!
Dan, Yehoshua is Jesus in Aramaic!
Father forgive my enemies for they know not what they have done. Jehoshua, protect my fans today..bless them in every way.
Dear Diary, how can flesh be so bold, knowing that someday they will lie cold having not the power to resurrect themselves?
Recently I prayed and God saved his life..he called to let me know that he did not believe in God nor Jesus Christ.
She was standing there cursing at everyone-voodoo threats, I said to myself, doesn't she fear the Almighty One?