Redeemed By The Blood Reality Show Pt 2/12 ft DJ Mona-Lisa: http://ping.fm/kS3Vy
Dear God, what do you want from me? http://ping.fm/fCE96
Redeemed By the Blood Reality Show Pt 1/12 ft DJ Mona-Lisa: http://ping.fm/cpbOP
Dear Diary: I can't run neither can I hide from what I'm truly feeling inside: http://ping.fm/pMyGM
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Did I send this message straight to ur cellphone..mmmm..u know I appreciate you. Thanks for being a fan.
Movie entitled Legend ft DJ Mona-Lisa: 90 percent uploaded-not bad at all. I dont often make videos this long-takes too long to upload.
YouTube djmonalisa Yea my 154th video, aiming for 1000-but then again that could mean 1000 heartbreaks http://ping.fm/I5oFU
Waz up world. Uploading my new video..Legend, the Movie. My heart came this close to being broken..and I tell you bout it.