To Camille: thanks for responding-it means a lot to me...love you all in cyberspace so much..muah!
Camille: Regarding Child Molestation Charges vs DJ Mona-Lisa..was that for real
r they using ur experience to judge u
pray girl, they know how to fabricate!
Breaking News: DJ Mona-Lisa returns to Blog Talk Radio.
David: God bless you.
My journey continues as an advocate for children molested. There is nothing or no one that can stop this mission.
I just wanna be the best parent and person that I could possibly be. I already forgave my enemies, I'm actually sorry for them
David: Have you thought about any practical solutions?
The reality of deception within my close circle is creeping up on me. This negativity will definitely elevate me.
From: David
DJ, how have you been coping with the recent false accusations against you and your family?
The Child Protective Service are here. Someone claims my children are being molested. Share this video in support of me: monalisa.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/16255186-dj-mona-lisa-sex-and-fame-reality-series-edge-of-glory