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Showing posts from March 28, 2012
DJ, is it true that you open up ur legs in Sex Television Pt 4-friend of urs whose a friend of mine just text me.
In Sex Television 4, I express myself like never appealing and shocking. Truthful-its reality! Coming up.
Recently DJ Mona-Lisa gave cyberspace a break-what was life like during that period. Watch Sex Television 4.
Dear Diary, Im releasing more videos but my heart still hurts. Whoever stole my camera with all my new videos, plzzzz return it!
Saw this lady while at the kids school bus stop, she said I was gonna get back my videos stolen and Im gonna be on television.
Hey guys, thanks for the thumbs up-where my gal fans at? Did you know that 85 percent of my viewers on YouTube are females.
You know its amazing..if I didnt lose all my new videos, these latest videos would have never become public.
DJ Mona-Lisa is in Fort Lauderdale. JD, her exboyfriend wants to sleep with her. Shes contemplating revenge.
Today is part 2 of my reality show. Lets see what happens. Will I tell JD Im on my menstruation or just let him come over?
Good day everyone, thanks for the views. Quite a few series out-Sex Television, DJ Mona-Lisa Reality Show and more.