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Jermaine, thank you (whisper)
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While editing Sex Television Pt 4, technical problems occurred, sorry for the inconvenience.
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DJ Mona-Lisa: lol Really!
DJ, is it true that you open up ur legs in Sex Television Pt 4-friend of urs whose a friend of mine just text me.
In Sex Television 4, I express myself like never before..sexy appealing and shocking. Truthful-its reality! Coming up.
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Dear Diary, Im releasing more videos but my heart still hurts. Whoever stole my camera with all my new videos, plzzzz return it!
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Saw this lady while at the kids school bus stop, she said I was gonna get back my videos stolen and Im gonna be on television.
Hey guys, thanks for the thumbs up-where my gal fans at? Did you know that 85 percent of my viewers on YouTube are females.
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You know its amazing..if I didnt lose all my new videos, these latest videos would have never become public.
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DJ Mona-Lisa is in Fort Lauderdale. JD, her exboyfriend wants to sleep with her. Shes contemplating revenge.
DJ Mona-Lisa Reality Series Part 3 coming up.
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Today is part 2 of my reality show. Lets see what happens. Will I tell JD Im on my menstruation or just let him come over?
Good day everyone, thanks for the views. Quite a few series out-Sex Television, DJ Mona-Lisa Reality Show and more.