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My reality show coming up-what can I say-Im just me!
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Oh last month I brought a pack of cigarettes...smoked one when I had problems-I then threw the entire thing away!
I dont smoke either but my video show that ah..was just chilling to song by Rihanna.
Okay I dont drink, Rickie but theres lots of fun things we can do while filming in Jamaica.
DJ Mona-Lisa response to Rickie: I gotta be there shortly to film some new videos and have a drink with ya!
Rickie to DJ Mona-Lisa: Well you've got it Full time....just wanna know when you coming back to Jamaica.
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lol Rickie..aint no damn Pornstar-I was just trying to get your attention!
Mr Moody and Mr Ballock...good morning, thanks for keeping me company online. Great Night-wasnt it?
Good Morning Magnus...thanx for being a loyal fan!
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LoMac The Poet, good morning-see ya love my videos ah!
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