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Showing posts from March 8, 2012
My name is Veneice FungChung, Call the Broward County Child Protective Service. Tell them how much I represent abused children.
Make a call on my behalf to the Broward County Child Protective Service. Let them know the truth how I care about children.
Its such a pity that I strive so hard to protect children from rape and molestation and yet I am being falsely accused.
Thanks to the Broward County Child Protective Service for investigating all allegations made against me and enabling me to keep my children.
I have been forgiving everyone lately. Theyre so stupid. I feel sorry for them. I mean who can stop this crazy bitch!
I honestly dont think I will settle down soon-life has gotten so interesting. I dont even know how to live in a house anymore.
My future is aligned. If it is thy will-let it be. I feel like a character playing the part of an already written script. Makes me wonder-who am I?
I ought to obey and take this trip to Jamaica. By the way I got this other dream last night. I was there and the water was BEAUTIFUL.
Mama, maybe theres a reason why all my videos recently done in America are missing. Sex and Fame is really based on life in Jamaica.
Father God, I know that u have a plan even when things go wrong-give me strength or a reason to stop crying-I feel so helpless.
Dear Diary, it hurts..I cried for the 1st time. My iphone with all my new videos, gone. Richard, it was your duty to protect me.