If they knew. I would not know if they are just friends in need or friend indeed.
Child molestation is a worldwide dilemma. Protect your children. Teach them also to protect themselves.
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Thank you all so much. We cannnot let evil ppl win.
My name is Veneice FungChung, Call the Broward County Child Protective Service. Tell them how much I represent abused children.
Make a call on my behalf to the Broward County Child Protective Service. Let them know the truth how I care about children.
Its such a pity that I strive so hard to protect children from rape and molestation and yet I am being falsely accused.
Thanks to the Broward County Child Protective Service for investigating all allegations made against me and enabling me to keep my children.
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I have been forgiving everyone lately. Theyre so stupid. I feel sorry for them. I mean who can stop this crazy bitch!
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I honestly dont think I will settle down soon-life has gotten so interesting. I dont even know how to live in a house anymore.
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Dear Diary, do you think I can get back up after all these recent dramas?
Wow thats great, I finally had a good laugh. Oh by the way I lost 16 lbs. Kisses and hugs! Dont give up.
CHARACTERS-right! Yea about 5 of them. The saint, the bitch, the model, the broadcaster and the evangelist.
So true-I do feel like a character playing the part of an already written script. Makes me really wonder-who am I?
My future is aligned. If it is thy will-let it be. I feel like a character playing the part of an already written script. Makes me wonder-who am I?
I ought to obey and take this trip to Jamaica. By the way I got this other dream last night. I was there and the water was BEAUTIFUL.
Mama, maybe theres a reason why all my videos recently done in America are missing. Sex and Fame is really based on life in Jamaica.
Mama you know that my heart got broken so many times in Jamaica that I just didnt want to go back anytime soon!
I got a dream-I went to Jamaica and spent 3 weeks shooting videos!
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Omg, I forgot about the cameras in this hotel. I better go to my bed. Dont wanna be seen crying!
Father God, I know that u have a plan even when things go wrong-give me strength or a reason to stop crying-I feel so helpless.
Dear Diary, it hurts..I cried for the 1st time. My iphone with all my new videos, gone. Richard, it was your duty to protect me.