What a man does to another woman he does right back to you-Im getting a much better understanding of this more n more everyday-Reality TV http://ping.fm/byvTf
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Yea I wanna upload my new photos and videos but a few technical issues..maybe over the weekend, sorry!
My last day on earth-you may see sperm dripping down my legs not blood. As a matter of fact you wont even see that either cause I ALWAYS swallow: http://ping.fm/PZUjQ
The day before she died, Whitney Houston-blood running down her leg! What that has to do with how well she sings: http://ping.fm/xZcTc
I will not take back what I said. I don't respect any woman that has blood running down her legs. Dont care how much she is (was) the greatest singer in the world.
My remark-a disgrace to society: I dont wait for anyone to mention of me as a disgrace, I purposely disgrace myself before anyone does: http://ping.fm/TYlj4
To capture my soul on camera, I have to be able to trust ya..honestly I trust only myself right now: http://ping.fm/NLd9t
Its time that we stop talking good about ppl just because they are dead. Be honest to yourselves. Have a nice day!
I dont care if she sang like a mockingbird, she had low character, no family values, is not mentor whatsoever. Ya all serenade her-I wont!
How do I remember Whitney Houston-loved Bobby Brown, Drugs and Booze. Spoke about God but never practiced His ways. A coward..died in utterly disgrace.
I mean we all fall but somehow our children should be able to give us strength to carry on. She never loved herself and shes a disgrace.
Funny how we serenade the people who are a disgrace to themselves and society.
Check this out: Whitney Houston attends event on February 10th 2012. Photo shows blood dripping down her legs: http://ping.fm/eNkHD