Dana, If we edit this video, it may lose the essence...Legend, the final drama needs to be published in its real context!
The Drama unfolds...Legend, the final showdown-explosive details, shocking sex drama...the interview..coming real soon!
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Reality superstar, DJ Mona-Lisa tries to escape from her stalker into the arms of a cool deceiver...real drama! http://ping.fm/WCvBe
Hi everyone, I want to share what Im currently going through with you-my reality show entitled, LEGEND cumming up!
Coming up in about one hour- LEGEND, 2012 reality show of radio celebrity and reality show star, DJ Mona-Lisa.
Watch out for DJ Mona-Lisa Reality Show 2012, Part 1...DJ Mona-Lisa expresses herself to fans..heartfelt moment.
Have a wonderful day..don't give up..just lay low til God shows ya what to do!
I ask that God may open up a door that is so HUGE that Satan and workers will only be able to stand back and WATCH the glory of GOD!
I dont know what else to do than to ask the people that wants to destroy me to realize that its not about me. Its about the CHILDREN.
This I pledge, Im donating $5000.00 to my foundation to created messages directed to children to inform parents when they are molested.
My daughter said to me last night-Im so proud of you, now that I understand what you're doing. Youre teaching men not to molest children.
Child Molestation is the only thing in life that I want to spend my life talking about, please stand behind me...its not an easy job.
YouTube pays my non profitable corporation for my videos. Its to help children molested; please dont going around flagging my videos, please I beg you!
So sad that just when I was suppose to receive the first check to launch my Child Molestation campaign, someone tries to screw the whole thing up!
Maybe bcause I have a contract why my videos dont remain on private. I thank YouTube for that opportunity..funds raised 4 Child Molestation
I dont know who did it but my videos are PUBLIC..whatever..what it is is what it is! http://ping.fm/su0Fg
Wow Im missing you-talk to you later..I will always love you, DJ Mona-Lisa!
Hitting the tracks for 15 weeks gruesome training..wait til you see the new me..Yow Im gonna make you feel super EXCITED.
Dreamt last night that I went to YouTube and my account was kinda close but was able to see some videos-realistically thats what it is!
Remember that video, House of Refuge-that lady is on my mind, would like to visit her in Jamaica just to make sure she's alright.
Im on a strict diet regime..about to lose some pounds. I worry bout my booty and my tits and my thighs..cant imagine them small.
I stopped by Hollywood Beaches, the water was calling me..saying, Mona come on shoot dem videos, I responded, Im not feeling ya right now!
My personal assistant flew in from NC and Im wondering why I was trying to do all this all this time alone.
I miss you though but if I lose myself now-I wont be of any use to you..better I lay back and come back on the scene sometime in the near future.
I'm planning to travel a lot and just enjoy life right now. The stress of being famous just aint worth it no more homie..Im just tired Yow!
I dont even care about YouTube and all that no more ya know. I reached that point and Im happy with my decision.
Waz up everyone-you cool-wow Ive been super busy lately doing the things that needs to be done..stressed from being stalked-laying low!