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Showing posts from February 10, 2012
Dana, If we edit this video, it may lose the essence...Legend, the final drama needs to be published in its real context!
The Drama unfolds...Legend, the final showdown-explosive details, shocking sex drama...the interview..coming real soon!
I ask that God may open up a door that is so HUGE that Satan and workers will only be able to stand back and WATCH the glory of GOD!
I dont know what else to do than to ask the people that wants to destroy me to realize that its not about me. Its about the CHILDREN.
This I pledge, Im donating $5000.00 to my foundation to created messages directed to children to inform parents when they are molested.
My daughter said to me last night-Im so proud of you, now that I understand what you're doing. Youre teaching men not to molest children.
Child Molestation is the only thing in life that I want to spend my life talking about, please stand behind me...its not an easy job.
YouTube pays my non profitable corporation for my videos. Its to help children molested; please dont going around flagging my videos, please I beg you!
So sad that just when I was suppose to receive the first check to launch my Child Molestation campaign, someone tries to screw the whole thing up!
Maybe bcause I have a contract why my videos dont remain on private. I thank YouTube for that opportunity..funds raised 4 Child Molestation
Hitting the tracks for 15 weeks gruesome training..wait til you see the new me..Yow Im gonna make you feel super EXCITED.
Dreamt last night that I went to YouTube and my account was kinda close but was able to see some videos-realistically thats what it is!
Remember that video, House of Refuge-that lady is on my mind, would like to visit her in Jamaica just to make sure she's alright.
Im on a strict diet regime..about to lose some pounds. I worry bout my booty and my tits and my thighs..cant imagine them small.
I stopped by Hollywood Beaches, the water was calling me..saying, Mona come on shoot dem videos, I responded, Im not feeling ya right now!
I miss you though but if I lose myself now-I wont be of any use to you..better I lay back and come back on the scene sometime in the near future.
I'm planning to travel a lot and just enjoy life right now. The stress of being famous just aint worth it no more homie..Im just tired Yow!
Waz up everyone-you cool-wow Ive been super busy lately doing the things that needs to be done..stressed from being stalked-laying low!