Yshane: My family is 4ever be grateful to u for ur kind words that admonishes my soul, thank you so much-God bless the womb that bore u!
To Yshane: Im flying in someone to start some gruesome training for my mind my body my spirit, my soul-hope to reach the higher plateau.
DJ Mona-Lisa to Yshane: Thank you so much, I feel like Im carrying the cross. I feel it on my back. I dont know what to do!
Yshane: Yes DJ Mona-Lisa, I hope the events will put you back on track and take you too a higher level where you will become untouchable.
Yshane: Miss FungChung, I hope and pray for you and hope this unfortunate turn of event's will pass soon.
Yshane: Veneice Fung Chung, I know things are just about spiralling downward's for you but you've been through worst-it will never keep you down.
Angels dont like when I cry! They say- Mona, if you believe in God, why do you cry?
Do you believe that all things work together for a good to those that love God? I do-so I need to dry my eyes.
I wish they could legally give me a gun so I just blast him in his toes! I hate being stalked Yow! Gotta be a solution. God deal with that Pronto!
Sometimes I want my stalker dead ya know to just leave me alone!
Im living on borrowed time on YouTube and yes its truly affecting me! Why dont they hear my side of the story? http://ping.fm/uMZq8
I HONESTLY dont know what to do!
Hear me out if and when my account ever gets close down, I will be back somewhere..someday! http://ping.fm/dSFeK
Im not hiding-Im making all my videos PUBLIC...if I die, so be it! http://ping.fm/JgTiV
I mean those were some of the best days of my life that I shared with anyone-why does one person wants to destroy that? http://ping.fm/mhoC0
Its so scary going on YouTube knowing that I could be gone anytime ya know..Its so scary-Im crying Yow! http://ping.fm/d9YyK
In this video, you had me thinking MC! http://ping.fm/klmNm
MC what is it about you? You always say things that makes me think!
MC: DJ and what is that about you not wanting to live in America, we can have a great life here in Jamaica.
MC: DJ, whats that about u going full porn let me be the first to fuck the hell out of u we can do our own porn!
To My Stalker: Mama says, he who fights and runs away lives to fight the next day!
Last week I was threatened again by my stalker, its frustrating but I ALWAYS WIN!
This guy been stalking for years Yow...he finally made his way to YouTube trying to shut down my account.
Yea most of my videos are no longer public til I decide what to do...message to fans-save dem links when I send them out.
OMG it so late-gotta get out of bed and wash my kitty kat!
lol what you want me to do!
WARM pussy on a relaxing Sunday morning...doesnt that makes life worth living..hey boyz waz up, waz up, waz up?