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Showing posts from February 5, 2012
Yshane: My family is 4ever be grateful to u for ur kind words that admonishes my soul, thank you so much-God bless the womb that bore u!
To Yshane: Im flying in someone to start some gruesome training for my mind my body my spirit, my soul-hope to reach the higher plateau.
Yshane: Yes DJ Mona-Lisa, I hope the events will put you back on track and take you too a higher level where you will become untouchable.
Yshane: Veneice Fung Chung, I know things are just about spiralling downward's for you but you've been through worst-it will never keep you down.
I wish they could legally give me a gun so I just blast him in his toes! I hate being stalked Yow! Gotta be a solution. God deal with that Pronto!