Great Article: Cyber Stalking: A Global Menace in the Information Super Highway: http://ping.fm/LYfaH
Stalking may cause injury to ones health and truly affects behavior. Seek help before its too late!
Did you know that 90% of women who are murdered were stalked by their ex-partner?
Stalking often starts as a result of rejection. Types: Internet stalking, cyberstalking, intimate partner stalker, vengeful and delusional stalker.
Approximately 1 million women and 375,000 men are targets of stalking in America. Majority of stalking cases involve ordinary ppl.
I never realized so many people are being stalked...for a moment, it felt as if I was the only one...damn..is this for real?
Dear Diary, can I really do this porn thing, I wont know unless I try right! lol that just aint me.
Dear diary, its amazing how my enemies lift me up..wow they truly inspire me! love-DJ Mona-Lisa.
Thanks for putting up with this bitch-watch out for the link to naughtier videos on my xxx site..love ya fanboyz and fangals..peace out!!
Final Decision-on to the next level-no new videos on YouTube..will upload to my xxx site..send you the link soon!
YouTube is for kids, Im an adult..need to be on a adult site doing adult stuff Yow..need to be on webcam LIVE!
Richie, I told you my dream years ago, now is the time-put the webcam in my living room..ppl watch me LIVE. Ive outgrown YouTube!
Comment liked by majority: Trust me not being on YouTube wont be the end of me..as a matter of fact, Im going fully PORN if yall fuck with me!
DJ Mona-Lisa: Ur right-cant touch this!
Eric Rodney: can they hurt u physically hell no so live ur life how u want to
Doxy Phobia: i trust u mona!
DJ Mona-Lisa: lol Mr Lewis, dont you like SEX?
Lutz Lewis delete when you go porn please
Eric Rodney well u have to do what u have to do
Eric Rodney: why is it because u r frank and speak the truth about child molestation.
Darian Wilson: Going Porn- You are not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eric Rodney: ok send a link to my email i do not go on youtube
CeCe Fancy Roberson: That's messed up!! I enjoy seeing your work....Forget those haters and keep doing what you do. :-)
The fools dont even realize who I am-Im like a virus that have taken over the internet..go Google me bitches! My stalkers underestimates me!
But hear me out-when I upload my videos to the social networks that I own ..who they gonna complain to? STUPIDO
Now they should do the maths and realize that 136,000 ppl watched my videos..1 person flagged them all and realize that I have an ENEMY!
Any second now, my videos could stop showing on YouTube. I cant plant seeds in earthquake zones...they originally approved all my videos.
I mean Im done, Eric...Im tired, Im going PORN!
Do you know how many social networks , radio stations and websites I own..youtube dont own me..so go ahead stalkers. Its all envy Yow!
As a matter of fact Im NOT uploading no more videos on YouTube. But I still will be everywhere!
To my 2 stalkers..YouTube does not own me-so complain to them for all I care..I mean ya aint my God-aint scared of you!
Eric me and my fans are cool, its just these two ppl who wants me gone! Fucking stalkers trying to kick me off YouTube!
Im just tired Yow..I mean enough is enough. enjoy my videos while you can cause soon they all will be gone also this me. Im going PORN!
Its such a pity that there will be noone to represent child molestation no more cause Im gonna live my fucking life from now on!
Trust me not being on YouTube wont be the end of me..as a matter of fact, Im going fully PORN if yall fuck with me!
Hi everyone my stalker from the past and my current stalker have joined forces to destroy me...may not be on YouTube soon!
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