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Nah Tonight!
God always sends me an angel-ok let me tell you where I slipped up!
RC in the house-Big up-keep a girl's mind off certain things-I appreciate the company today!
Aint that the truth!
When I break up with someone Im naughty lol lol lol-Im scared of you!
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Dear Diary, I wanna know what love is!
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Don't you know its lonely at the top-dont be fooled by the popularity!
Rich guys: Dont really care about their riches
As a child I often ran away to be amongst the poor. They were really rich but did not know.
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Stupid Bitch!
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Shhhh dont tell anyone-he's engaged to be married-never told me! HOLD IT DOWN.
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Goodnight Diary!
Online record: 75 % to DJ Mona-Lisa Broadcasting...no individual whatsoever shall benefit-all other plans are entirely in vain!
Hey Diary, in college I was taught how the indians were converted then robbed of their gold..I never will forget that!
Dear Diary, Im watching these fools trying to con me...I laugh at them..I mean they really underestimate this Bitch.