DJ Mona-Lisa's prayer is heard by God, just like she dreams, a stranger steps in and save her life-follow this story at http://ping.fm/UThsZ
Hi everyone-will be in touch, love..DJ Mona-Lisa: http://ping.fm/pqh7b
DJ Mona-Lisa (Chariots of Fire) http://ping.fm/AYegh
I will use my time away to fast and pray, dear diary, is this really happening to me? http://ping.fm/gQoCn
Dear Diary, while Im away, I will be making videos showing exactly what Im going through..will miss my friends online: http://ping.fm/uBpOk
Dear Diary, my family and I are going somewhere to be safe for a while-all thats happening is so unbelievable: http://ping.fm/otVi3
Exclusive: DJ Mona-Lisa Reality Episode (Fucking Stalker) http://ping.fm/2nkuL
DJ Mona-Lisa Exclusive Reality Episode (Fucking Stalker) http://ping.fm/zTmTb
DJ Mona-Lisa (Chariots of Fire) ft Skyscraper by Demi Lavato: http://ping.fm/Qu6KK
Motivational video portraying beautiful photos of a woman who refuses to become dormant-story of DJ Mona-Lisa: http://ping.fm/I7w0n
DJ Mona-Lisa (Chariots of Fire) http://ping.fm/VOyuX
Lord give me strength one more day until that time that you take revenge on those who seek to destroy me! http://ping.fm/gCYGH
Chariots on Fire...motivational video based on the life of DJ Mona-Lisa as she flees from her predators-coming up!
Dear diary, its a mental thing, Im cornered by the lies of my stalker. He's well mannered and speaks very intellectually: http://ping.fm/Ol5Vf
DJ Mona-Lisa Exclusive Reality Episode (Fucking Stalker) http://ping.fm/dODEp
Rampant stalker seeks to destroy reality star, DJ Mona-Lisa! Exclusive reality show episode http://ping.fm/V3GUK