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DJ Mona-Lisa response-well I guess ur not too young to teach me quite a few things!
Oneile: :-* Its a kiss from me to you!
DJ Mona-Lisa: You see ur so much younger than me that I dont even know what this sign means :-*
DJ Mona-Lisa response: Interesting!
Oniele: DJ Mona-Lisa, age is just a number-I think I am the one.
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Oniele, early 20s, a bit too young for me-dont you think my Jamaican Prince!
DJ Mona-Lisa response: GT, ur right, my mother dreamt me and said until I visited her graveside, nothing will be alright! She wanted me there.
Gehto Travlers: In regards to your moms funeral, they shouldn't have done that-not make you attend funeral-thats cruel, mothers love is unconditional.
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Been hurting Emily ever since I wasn't allowed at moms funeral-the family claim that mom didnt love me n yall didnt want 2 upset her spirit.
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Dear Tom, I keep telling myself that I need to stop whatever Im doing and take time to thank you for inspiring me-thank you so much!
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Dear Diary, I'm tired..yesterday I had to move again when my stalker called early in the morning warning me to leave Broward County!
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