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Mark, the children know who you are-maybe it was time that the world realize that I carried the children of my rapist.
They are mines, yet yours yet ur my rapist yet I must protect 'em-I never told that story..no-one would believe I said to myself!
Now Im running for my life-my rapist have consumed my life-the law is for the lawless-I forever remain a victim.
Rape is a shawl embedded in virgins blood, 11 then in the 20's, in the 30's -when will it end my friends!
Dear diary, familiar place-unforgettable face that refuses to relinquish-goodbye! Cyberspace there I remain-will be in touch!
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I gave birth to those kids cause I did not want to lose my relationship with God, now you know it all-I guess!
I had a restraining order against him-he raped me over and over again; I now have his children.
I had a restraining order when I was on radio against him-he raped me over and over again; I now have his children.
This is the actual video that led to the constant harassments: http://ping.fm/7RXDl
Anyway, I didnt realize all my videos goes to his email. The booty one sent him thru the roof, the one with the man hands on my butt!
This guy have been infatuated with me long before he met me...I heard he listens to my radio shows over and over again!
Wayne heres the situation-met Junior the brother-was in love-older brother, Mark plot all these years to have me for himself!
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I may not win this moment-maybe days or weeks or months or years or decades or centuries or in the grave-I will win my friend!
Unfortunately Im not immune from shame, disgrace and careless whispers-life is so frail..why waste time fighting me knowing that I always win!
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Everton you summed it all up-he wants me for himself; I have refused his advances and now he wants revenge!
Can't Touch This ft DJ Mona-Lisa: http://ping.fm/IUHcj
Mark Imma tell you this much...my own mom tried to destroy me and died shortly after. God says touch not my anointed!
Please pray for me-this guy wants to destroy my family-please pray for me!
Doesnt look that bad though..dem tits still looking beautiful uh!
I wore this expensive worthless jacket and end up with rashes on my breast-well thank God its well now-but is on my next video!
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DJ Mona-Lisa responds to the man who is threatening to destroy her: http://ping.fm/DWtEr
DJ Mona-Lisa relocates to Ft Lauderdale, the individual who caused her to leave threatens to use her videos to destroy her. Drama unfolds! http://ping.fm/bPfOQ
Cant Touch This ft DJ Mona-Lisa coming up!
Thanks-I mean I cant take this harassment no more! I will comply with whatever procedures in order to put a stop to it!
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Advice to you Sir. DJ Mona-Lisa is a public figure and if this harassment continues, we will immediately file a police report against you.
Edge of Glory-a story by DJ Mona-Lisa coming up at noon: http://ping.fm/dMJNk
Hey Craig on Facebook thanks for the compliments..more videos at http://ping.fm/ksRa1
Call the Pow Pow-what you gonna tell them..look at this Ass-Fool: http://ping.fm/3RLM1
I mean this man lives with his wife and losing his fucking mind over my hot booty video: http://ping.fm/TvpXs
I dont get it-the idiot losing his mind over my booty video bout he calling child protective service: http://ping.fm/SkHFv
FOOL, what judge gonna care about what you say Mark when they get a view of this Ass: http://ping.fm/uclcA
This guy is about to ELEVATE and he aint even realizing that-coming with the threats talking bout my booty video, he got it as evidence.
If you keep coming at me-Im gonna tell them to go ahead with the book, I swear!
Satan keep telling me that the world will not believe me when I tell the story about you but Satan is a liar.
Maybe this is happening cause its time to tell the world what you did Mark.
Roan on Facebook-you said, If God is for us, who can be against us..thank you so much!
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Im putting everything on the internet; this is my evidence! later kiddos: http://ping.fm/YiHJr
Imma gonna cool his ass physically, spiritually and mentally-I mean he woke me up just now threatening me!
Hi everyone-the father of my kids is trying to destroy me...the battle is no longer mines but the LORD!