I got my gun license. Im tired of smashing bottles! http://ping.fm/QT39x
Sometimes I smash bottles at idiots feet and they run from me.
I have the sexiest temper. Sometimes I smash bottles at ediots feet and they run from me!
Oh Gosh that was so therapeutic-I had to get that off my chest...wow I feel so good now!
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This fool-why you think I studied international law and criminal justice-cause Imma gonna gun butt you legally!
Straight up-cant blackmail dis bitch..my life is a fucking open book: http://ping.fm/QfUe2
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Hi beautiful ppl-sorry you had to see this side of me-enjoy the rest of ur night! Oh Gosh Imma kill that low life pussyclat!
Ya know Mark..cant believe you stored all my videos hoping to destroy me-you low down SCUM-admit they made you cum sluggard: http://ping.fm/osG7i
You can show the judge this one too asshole-Imma gonna get you Mark, Imma gonna fuck ur mind: http://ping.fm/9Xb38
Im giving you all evidence against me u punk..you the judge and the jury watch my fucking videos-think u can scare this Bitch: http://ping.fm/PtROe
Oh gosh does anyone remember the video with me sucking dick, I need for Mark to show that too to the fucking judge: http://ping.fm/kSb5g
Im looking for the video where I suck dick cause Mark I need you to show the judge that one too.
By the way Mark dont forget to tell the judge I show my tits too...suck on 'em like a coolant u darn fool! http://ping.fm/4pdS5
I know even the judge would ask them to rewind the video so go ahead Mark and use it against me-you old haggard: http://ping.fm/ML09h
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Good afternoon ppl of God, Yahweh never declared that it would be easy for us on earth, but the reward WILL be great, have a nice day!
Thats cool Dana, wonderful job. I think this quote stands out- I never portrayed myself to be a saint-forgot? Only as a bad bitch which I'm not!
Famous statements by DJ Mona-Lisa: http://ping.fm/TuhsN
Child Molestation-call a meeting about it, no-one will attend. I said Father, give me a pen so I may be inked in naughtiness, 5 yrs Dad, then you'll see me: http://ping.fm/RbhGa
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Thanks to all the viewers and sponsors of DJ Mona-Lisa Reality Television-making the public more aware of Child Molestation: http://ping.fm/rNkEK
Dear God, I wanted to experience poverty-you granted me my request. I now move FORWARD, I love you Dad: http://ping.fm/lnyXI
Dear Marc, what is impossible to man is possible with God-I dedicate this to you: http://ping.fm/5jbGL