So many children are raped in Jamaica by close relatives-tell someone, this is where your healing begins!
By disclosing the name of my rapist, I hope that other victims like myself will do likewise. Today I make my 1st stride towards recovery!
I was raped by Steve Moodie-now a police officer in Jamaica: Its time to set my spirit free: http://ping.fm/ksp0n

Femme Fatale: The Tour of A Lifetime

EXCLUSIVE: Tour of a lifetime featuring DJ Mona-Lisa...music icon, reality star and world renown broadcaster. Amidst false rumors, cyberspace hottest star strives to become happy! Hit songs by popular artist, Leona Lewis relates to intricate pain thus enabling Femme Fatale to become the ultimate 5 stars video courtesy of DJ Mona-Lisa Broadcast, advocate of children raped and molested: Watch entire tour: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC68346AD59E6220B.
DJ Mona-Lisa returns to the home that she fled to when she was raped at 11. Interview of the woman that consoled her during ordeal of horrific memories...coming later!
Coming up-Interview-the lady who took care of DJ Mona-Lisa after her rape ordeal at age 11: http://ping.fm/CUngP
New DJ Mona-Lisa Reality Series soon..DJ Mona-Lisa runs away as a teen at age 11-she visits the home where she stayed: http://ping.fm/SsbqJ
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Before I release Femme Fatale, I just wanna say thank you for all you've done for me. Thank you so much!
La Femme Fatale by DJ Mona-Lisa...a must see video!