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Showing posts from January 14, 2012
I hate to debate on this topic. I already feel fenced in. Respect my feelings-not UR type of a woman. WONT ever live with a man!
Thats in Africa but Im living in America. Women dont lose virtue here because they dont LIVE with a man. We're quite independent.
In outside world, people speak first thing that comes to mind. In cyberspace one considers the outcome of action b4 crossing line.
The outside world seems so cold and distant moving at slow paces. In cyberspace friendships are like wavelengths that merges distance and time.
Im finding it so hard to adapt to the outside world being that I live in cyberspace so much-there must be a name for this!
Its great that I think this way about myself. How do you see yourself this morning-do you surround yourself with ppl that lifts you up?