This chocolate tastes so fuckin good-wanna rub it on my clit-MERCY: http://ping.fm/iY4Ii
Not to mention I would fail to EXIST if my naughty personality didn't top my list!
Wow I think its time that I release the interview explaining all this Naughtiness...quite a story! http://ping.fm/O3hA4
What the heck-Im single-Im bored and I love talking to ya-gonna grab a sandwich with lots of olives! http://ping.fm/cJDzV
Ya all must be sitting there saying I got nothing to do right! http://ping.fm/WDxom
So tell me-did my butt aligned perfectly with the camera or not? http://ping.fm/8tpzY
lol I shoot dem video myself-I just needed someone to tell me if my butt aligned with the camera: http://ping.fm/tTlaQ
DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame) Pink P*ssy: http://ping.fm/PFom6
Marilyn Monroe is dead, Anna Nicole is dead-you might as well deal with this Bitch: http://ping.fm/uhVtW
Why is it nothing gets done around here unless I scream and shout! Its not like Im being fucked!
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Pull them Nipples-lick e'm, send ur cum all ova 'em-oh gosh: http://ping.fm/BwBez
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Did ya want me to lick ya like this instead? http://ping.fm/zHcFO
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Ya wanted me to lick you back like this? http://ping.fm/Fv5co
Jamaica? My last trip was April/May of last year.
Oh my gosh you really make my day!
I told ya-REVENGE!
Guess it wasnt ur lucky day-or was it the ULTIMATE revenge!
Rl, you tripping-I got u licking and no stcking-u really gotta a way of putting things lol! http://ping.fm/lTXc1
Yes its true, when I arrived in Jamaica 2 years ago, I called my fans, I cant believe you were one of them Adam!
Doesnt it turns ya off when your hopefully potential manager speaks of just the money-what happen to the care factor?
Yes I need someone to manage my affairs ASAP!
DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame Reality Series) http://ping.fm/oXn7T
Cyberspace girl living in the real world-I just cant handle it: http://ping.fm/2JL5v
Is that how you manage someone? I must have been a fucking fool to expect ya to manage my life-you just cant handle it!
How the fuck ya gonna have me cover airline tickets and dont deliver the fucking videos-I should be uploading today!
Should I be left stranded in Fort Lauderdale-No-after spending so much fucking money-how come ya all are putting bitches first?
So Im cursing out ppl that were assigned to be responsible for my life-why the fuck do ya expect to be paid for fucking up my life!
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Cyberspace girl living in the real world-I just cant handle it! http://ping.fm/hujWb
I cant go around normal no more cause I get treated so bad but how will I know if youre real when Im always this celebrity?
It hurts when someone says why didnt you tell me who you are-the situation would have been different.
I must admit that I cant mange anymore...Ive become a celebrity online and a lost individual in the other world.
Choosing a manager, my life on the internet has become so hectic that I can't handle personal matters..things are getting out of hand.
DJ Mona-Lisa, Ma that's another SEXY video! The guys you've been with must be blind: http://ping.fm/JHNGj
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