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Showing posts from January 11, 2012
I met one fan last night in Fort Lauderdale. Ryan and I have been friends online 4 years now. These are the things that makes me happy!
I will never be the same-based on my experience I will also dedicate my life to helping single mothers and homeless children.
Its been 8 months and I pray for a place to rest my weary head. My children and I are experiencing a life we never knew before.
Metro Place Apt: When the twins picked up a used condom in the park thinking it was a balloon, I finally packed my things and left!
I mean thats ridiculous-so because she heard my daughter says she doesnt like her, she got a posse together, had my family running for their lives.
The kids and their parent that attacked my family are all from Haiti-one girl claims she heard that my daughter says she doesnt like her.
Got a bad video for ya all-will try to upload it later..its call Pussy Sensation-reveals my nipples...I put my hand in my underwear, later!
Im not alright but hopefully soon. After 15 kids attacked my family I moved now noone will rent me a place cause I broke the lease-been 8 mths