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Showing posts from January 10, 2012
The good thing about my life is I dont worry about the ppl who judge me-I just think their lives are rather BORING!
Good thing about my fans is that they are not just naughty like myself but quite intellectual-can relate anything to them.
America, God is warning you-change ur evil ways else he shall visit August of this year-war in the east west north and south!
How can a nation receive God's mercy when single parents and children roam the street. No wonder many fall ill suddenly!
I rest my case-if I dont get a place for me and my children. Many will answer-ur cars and big homes will be taken away!
I just wish someone could open up their heart and rent me a place in Fort Lauderdale-the hotel cost run $160.00 a day!
What the world fail to realize if God's ppl are not okay-how can their homes be truly blessed-help single mothers and children.
If ppl could just stop pretending and share their experiences with others so we can all realize that we are not alone.
Was walking in Fort Lauderdale just now-I looked around and I wondered, am I the only one going through certain stuff!
If ur around ppl who keep putting you down, simply tell them to fuck off and move on-have a blessed day! Ur important.
This year dont make a resolution to be thin-accept yourself-by doing so I became more famous. Men nowadays want more than bones!
The secret to my success-no matter what the circumstances, I just keep on going. Obstacles will arise-just dont quit my friend.