Lets talk more later about it
I have to wrap up this video
hollaback at me!
The truth is I would rather give it-thats how I get my freak on: http://ping.fm/i1eGt
Lets be real.. to him its a privilege to lick this pussy-a friend told me today he likes to give it but dont like to get it! http://ping.fm/qm2t0
Yea Chris in Fort Lauderdale-I am guilty as hell-the guy did lick it and I did not return the favor but such is life sometimes: http://ping.fm/iNor8
I saw a real tiny man today in Fort Lauderdale-he's so crazy for me-I was shock when he said he likes my STRONG legs! http://ping.fm/3bVoz
To my fan who recognized me in the elevator in Fort Lauderdale Florida-how about a date tomorrow evening?
Gotta be in Orlando today-gotta put off shooting these videos maybe til a next day! Owen holla at me!