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My sis is here from New York, Im jeered 'bout my videos. I told her..the more you look down on me is the worst I will be.
What can I say..the administrators of YouTube granted all my wishes. Im afraid tho that someday theyll let me go.
I said on Mothers Day that my parents are online friends who took me under their wings..aint that the living truth!
Seriously I know of guys who lose everything even their jobs after sleeping with some girls-gotta be careful Yow!
Alexis I didnt mean to talk about you just now...just heard you got a deadly pussy that makes guys cars break down!
Delva says I live too far away thats why my boyfriend cheats on me but I dont care cause I never cheated on him.
DJ Mona-Lisa is banned from her YouTube account for 14 days. She must have been will she handle it?
Im punished for being bad so I will be chilling on my personal channel, will share videos there with u...okay!
I called Mark to tell him that his child is acting up..he blames it all on my videos: Delirious (Sexy Version ft DJ Mona-Lisa) Vistoso Bosses
Homeboy, dis gal doin my hair just now while cussing and chatting pplz biz so I tell her..get the fuck out of my hair.
The greatest things is God see what Ive done...believe me Father I tried..I really tried...where do I go from here?
Sometimes you wanna give up ya know. The best things that I do in life...I always seems to get punished for.
Remember Chris-that 4 yr old who is in love with me...I banned him from my home-showed his private parts to my twins!
Why is this guy calling me to say that hes about to call his wife to come home cause he needs some sex..OMG!
Good morning, do you have dreams...what will you do today to try to accomplish them-don't give up on ur dreams my bosom friend.
Bitch go buy ur own soap if ya start sleeping with a man..don't call on me..u aint gonna mess up dis day 4 real!
Bitch go buy ur own soap if ya start sleeping with a man..don't call on mom..oh no, u aint gonna mess up dis day!
If you're a mother and ur man fails to call you for Mother's Day, its time to get rid of him...aint got time for guys whose trippin'
Happy mothers day to the woman who has no child but embraces every child she comes across during her entire life.
Happy Mothers day to all my online friends...I am your spiritual child, if it weren't for you I would have ran wild!
Hey mom, what is like on the other side? I guess one day I'll know-right! Happy Mothers Day to the most beautiful angel in my life!
Im so blessed, my life clearly defines that being a mom takes nothing from you but add blessings bio coming up.
My kids are fighting to give me mothers days hug-Sapphire says to her bro, stand back you loser, she is my mom.
Gotta let this kid stop coming to my house. Chris is from Haiti..4 yrs old..he's in love with me but likes to talk all my business.
Beauty and Sapphire, you know ur the greatest gifts on earth-thanks for the drawings and the warm cup of tea!

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Response: Hmmmm..quite interesting as long as I go on top! I row my own boat...just relax..let me take you to heaven!
Response: Hmmmm..quite interesting as long as I go on top! I row my own boat...just relax..let me take you to heaven!
YouTube Video Reviews 2012: There's no-one like DJ Mona-Lisa. She is capable of molding a serious matter to a speechless climax dimension.
We solved it bro..dats why she got 2 for herself and the other for the 22 kittens..kick her to the curb pronto!
We need 2 know how many cats the bitch has b4 u go thru that door Owen lol!