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I tried to tell Michelle last night that Big Girls Rock..I mean I became even more famous after I revealed my sexiness.
Courtney called from Jamaica to say, being Naughty is the most effective way to get the job done and he's proud of me.
Michelle stopped by last night to say she watches all my videos and thats not me..I would never choose to be naughty!
So you ate the orange and leave it for me to put in the garbage-Im getting fed up of these low class ppl coming by my house.
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.
To Shane-My reason for being a naughty girl-maybe the only effective way to get message across to adults not to molest children.
For real what you did was not cool...dont come to my house and take my pic without my consent-ur suppose to be my guest.
That wasnt cool. Ur a guest in my home, you should not snap my pic with ur phone without my consent...when will I learn?

Sex Television 10 ft Sex Symbol, DJ Mona-Lisa

To even say I'm DJ Mona-Lisa is to totally limit myself, declares the most popular online reality star. Conclusion of Sex Television series starring DJ Mona-Lisa, world famous broadcaster. Watch all episodes at
What else you wanna know. I'm a reality star okay...but I dont mind giving you a few tips. One more-bathe with oatmeal and honey!
Hey Carol, you can have beautiful skin too. No quick fixes...not good..lots of water, do facials using fruits-lots of luck.

DJ Mona-Lisa Adult Entertainment Videos (playlist)

Online Nasty Girls ft DJ Mona-Lisa

Famous Reality Stars Online ft DJ Mona-Lisa

Famous Reality Stars Online ft DJ Mona-Lisa

You kidding me Sam, didnt realize most of my viewers are from Russia n Germany. Guess I speak a sexual language they all understand.
Love and Hip-Hop starring DJ Mona-Lisa: real drama in the music industry. Love gone cold, rip-offs and back stabbing rats.

The Deleted Reports (A Child Abuse Documentary) Pt 1

The Deleted Reports: A child abuse documentary hosted by famed broadcaster, DJ Mona-Lisa.
Movie entitled Legend ft DJ Mona-Lisa: 90 percent uploaded-not bad at all. I dont often make videos this long-takes too long to upload.
Waz up world. Uploading my new video..Legend, the Movie. My heart came this close to being broken..and I tell you bout it.
To DJ Mona-Lisa: DJ, no problems here-u even have gotten quite a few likes-I guess ur fans aren't experiencing any difficulties.