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I mean, Houssaine Baloch ur so stupid, instead of saying Im a big virus in the world, why dont you just say this Bitch is darn famous!
Houssaine Baloch I cant believe you sent me such a threat-u think you have the right to kill me cause I'm a big Virus in the world.

DJ Mona-Lisa Adult Entertainment Videos

Naughty videos featuring sexy model, hot reality star and sassy radio broadcaster, DJ Mona-Lisa.
In Sex Television 4, I express myself like never appealing and shocking. Truthful-its reality! Coming up.
Dear Diary, Im releasing more videos but my heart still hurts. Whoever stole my camera with all my new videos, plzzzz return it!
Saw this lady while at the kids school bus stop, she said I was gonna get back my videos stolen and Im gonna be on television.
Hey guys, thanks for the thumbs up-where my gal fans at? Did you know that 85 percent of my viewers on YouTube are females.
Today is part 2 of my reality show. Lets see what happens. Will I tell JD Im on my menstruation or just let him come over?
Good day everyone, thanks for the views. Quite a few series out-Sex Television, DJ Mona-Lisa Reality Show and more.
DJ Mona-Lisa has her monthly cycle but chooses not to tell JD..he travels from Key West to be with her..story coming up!
Marcia, I dont know why my family, friends and I are of great interest to you. This much I know, you will be stopped!
I need the protection of the Broward County Sheriff Office. My children and I are in danger..please we need your help!
OMG HELP!!! I dont like when my face looks like a kid in my videos...I dont mind losing weight but I dont look like me no more!