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Showing posts from February, 2012
My children and I were the only blacks on Cocoa Beach recently. Everyone, we need to enjoy ourselves more. We owe it to ourselves-love ya!
I will not take back what I said. I don't respect any woman that has blood running down her legs. Dont care how much she is (was) the greatest singer in the world.
I dont care if she sang like a mockingbird, she had low character, no family values, is not mentor whatsoever. Ya all serenade her-I wont!
How do I remember Whitney Houston-loved Bobby Brown, Drugs and Booze. Spoke about God but never practiced His ways. A coward..died in utterly disgrace.
I mean we all fall but somehow our children should be able to give us strength to carry on. She never loved herself and shes a disgrace.
Shooting videos today is an unforgettable experience. It felt as if I had grown up ya know. My last set of videos on the beach was a year ago!
We're heading out to the Beach to do videos and Im so excited. I just love the beach and the ocean breeze. Dont you know the best things in life are free?
I visited my aunt's grave-the one who molested at about 8 yrs old-I asked her why-the only response I got was silence. Sometimes I feel so defeated!
Oh Diary, why are there fresh tears even though my wound is so old. I mean I was only 11 when he raped me-now he's a cop and Im still suffering!
Dear Diary, the journey continues..more videos. Im so grateful that I have a worldwide audience to express myself. When will the tears dry up?
I can just imagine the doctor I would have become if I wasnt a patient for life. Please protect all children from rape and child molestation. Have a God bless day!
Reading Madea (Tyler Perry) interview. Like me, he was molested as a kid. He had 200 ppl that accompanied him to Oprah's show-they were all molested too.
Thanks for watching-gotta get my hair done-video shoots for 3 days straight-starting tomorrow, love you ok-plz take care of ur heart always!
DJ Mona-Lisa will be launching a huge campaign on behalf of innocent children around the world. Watch out for television/radio/newspaper ads, posters and more.
Dont feel lonely Yow-you aint the only one who aint got someone to bring you chocolate, flowers, kisses and hugs-Im just like you okay!
I cant control these two little brats, Beauty and Sapphire hate boyz- why cant they be cool like me? Im gonna make a show about them.
Thanks to Apple team for the expedited upgrades and services to my Mac computer. Those are the moments that I truly enjoy being famous.
I always say Im going Porn just like I pretend to smoke a cigarette when Im stressed. I watch the smoke as I blow but it never really happens.
Im at the hotel with my family so its a bit inconvenient right now...check me late at night and I will gladly do so-after my hair is done!
DJ Mona-Lisa respond to Ric Storm: Why my relationships usually don't last is because sometimes I'm real busy and my man gets real lonely!