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Rich guys: Dont really care about their riches
As a child I often ran away to be amongst the poor. They were really rich but did not know.
Online record: 75 % to DJ Mona-Lisa individual whatsoever shall benefit-all other plans are entirely in vain!
Hey Diary, in college I was taught how the indians were converted then robbed of their gold..I never will forget that!
Dear Diary, Im watching these fools trying to con me...I laugh at them..I mean they really underestimate this Bitch.
What's wrong with these ppl. All they talk bout is IT...Dress u dog-bring him to a dog show-leave me the fuck alone!
Another thing-stop telling me that God wants me to be rich..I follow my God says I must be contented with what I have.
Dear Diary, Im gonna do a facial and give my body a real good treat. No sex right now...I need to first realign this to you later, bye!
Dear Diary, those that I knew long time ago are trying to understand me. Its like a game of hide and seek and Im like a child whose enjoying this!
Its amazing how I've grown, dear diary-I no longer love with my heart but with my mind, I think about life and consequences.
Dear Diary, its something I wanted a long time ago and now that its here, I have turned it down...the love of a certain man, I don't need it anymore!
Dear Diary, its so unreal. All the things that are happening to me like what I read in magazines. I must be dreaming!
Dear Diary, my life is like a movie, I dont know what the hell is happening-all this drama-I feel like a character in a book.
Dear Diary, what if the person who saved you already broke your heart, would you keep it to yourself? Thats why Im BAD!
Oh thank God, I change my browser and was able to delete post on my wall. I start my day with prayer-not looking at vaginas-yuck!
Yea its a porn site that doesnt allow you to view videos unless you first send 'em it to all your friends on Facebook
Chariots on Fire...motivational video based on the life of DJ Mona-Lisa as she flees from her predators-coming up!
DJ Mona-Lisa response: GT, ur right, my mother dreamt me and said until I visited her graveside, nothing will be alright! She wanted me there.
Gehto Travlers: In regards to your moms funeral, they shouldn't have done that-not make you attend funeral-thats cruel, mothers love is unconditional.
Been hurting Emily ever since I wasn't allowed at moms funeral-the family claim that mom didnt love me n yall didnt want 2 upset her spirit.
Dear Tom, I keep telling myself that I need to stop whatever Im doing and take time to thank you for inspiring me-thank you so much!
Dear Diary, I'm tired..yesterday I had to move again when my stalker called early in the morning warning me to leave Broward County!
Dear diary, I truly realize that COMFORT is this: one becoming stagnant-no longer reaching for the prize of eternal life!
Dear diary, I cant live for the moment-the big houses and the nice cars, what will I tell Jesus when he says, what have you done?
Do they intend for me to look back to meet their expectations? Dear diary, Im afraid theyre gonna end up so disappointed!
Mark, the children know who you are-maybe it was time that the world realize that I carried the children of my rapist.