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Rich guys: Dont really care about their riches
As a child I often ran away to be amongst the poor. They were really rich but did not know.
Online record: 75 % to DJ Mona-Lisa individual whatsoever shall benefit-all other plans are entirely in vain!
What's wrong with these ppl. All they talk bout is IT...Dress u dog-bring him to a dog show-leave me the fuck alone!
Another thing-stop telling me that God wants me to be rich..I follow my God says I must be contented with what I have.
Dear Diary, Im gonna do a facial and give my body a real good treat. No sex right now...I need to first realign this to you later, bye!
Dear Diary, those that I knew long time ago are trying to understand me. Its like a game of hide and seek and Im like a child whose enjoying this!
Its amazing how I've grown, dear diary-I no longer love with my heart but with my mind, I think about life and consequences.
Dear Diary, its something I wanted a long time ago and now that its here, I have turned it down...the love of a certain man, I don't need it anymore!
Dear Diary, my life is like a movie, I dont know what the hell is happening-all this drama-I feel like a character in a book.
Oh thank God, I change my browser and was able to delete post on my wall. I start my day with prayer-not looking at vaginas-yuck!
DJ Mona-Lisa response: GT, ur right, my mother dreamt me and said until I visited her graveside, nothing will be alright! She wanted me there.
Gehto Travlers: In regards to your moms funeral, they shouldn't have done that-not make you attend funeral-thats cruel, mothers love is unconditional.
Been hurting Emily ever since I wasn't allowed at moms funeral-the family claim that mom didnt love me n yall didnt want 2 upset her spirit.
Dear Tom, I keep telling myself that I need to stop whatever Im doing and take time to thank you for inspiring me-thank you so much!
Dear Diary, I'm tired..yesterday I had to move again when my stalker called early in the morning warning me to leave Broward County!
Dear diary, I cant live for the moment-the big houses and the nice cars, what will I tell Jesus when he says, what have you done?
They are mines, yet yours yet ur my rapist yet I must protect 'em-I never told that would believe I said to myself!
Dear diary, familiar place-unforgettable face that refuses to relinquish-goodbye! Cyberspace there I remain-will be in touch!
Anyway, I didnt realize all my videos goes to his email. The booty one sent him thru the roof, the one with the man hands on my butt!
Wayne heres the situation-met Junior the brother-was in love-older brother, Mark plot all these years to have me for himself!
I may not win this moment-maybe days or weeks or months or years or decades or centuries or in the grave-I will win my friend!
Unfortunately Im not immune from shame, disgrace and careless whispers-life is so frail..why waste time fighting me knowing that I always win!