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The secret to my suave beauty-I constantly reminds myself that I belongs to Jesus Christ and no-one else. Im in love with 'em.
The crafty producer and the girl whose pregnant and don't know what to do...dirty bastards..the industry is cold.
Can't afford to miss Love & Hip Hop later yow! Reminds me of my earlier years as a broadcaster and recording artists.
Im so sorry that you go through stuff all alone ya know-just cry out to our God like I do. Its gonna be alright okay!
One of my twin daughters played me today. She got mangoes from me twice by pretending to be her identical sister at one point.
What was I thinking? Said to Charnea earlier that I don't ever wanna be famous, she responded aren't you already famous?
Courtney and DJ Mona-Lisa fell in love as teens then she caught him kissing a girl. Her heart was broken and she dropped out of high school.
I love jeans with no undies underneath especially when I'm broadcasting on the radio..makes me feel wonderful!
Dear Diary I know why I hate dresses, its the virtuous woman that comes out, the one I wanna protect-the one who got molested.
To born and just aim for a comfortable life is living yet dying. What will I tell my master when I return to Him?
Im scared, making it to the top makes you feel like you've hit rock bottom when the ones to celebrate with you are all dying!
The Dream Act: temporary residency-6 yrs if arrived in America b4 age 16..currently, less than 35 and acquired high school diploma.
Im bad..ain't I. She's going to see the pastor..I said, Girl make sure you wear a pants and a Stayfree Maxi Pad.
My sister is ill; she keep asking God, why her. In the midst of my soul I get this feeling that she wish it was me in her position.
Im really crying Yow..she says Im the only one that has the power to heal her...Oh my sister..Plz don't leave me!
Im crying for my sister...she needs me. Im gonna bathe her, cook for her and massage her. Bullet grazed her head.
America haven't forgotten that she is the mother of foreign lands. Relatives abroad will again eat from our hands, we will rise from the dust.
America will rise again. Its going through a time of healing. God stands back only for a moment-soon he will stretch back forth his loving hands.
I won't ever turn my back on America. It would be like a man who uses a prostitute and then dumps her after fulfilling his desires.
The spirit of Destiny is strong. This morning she took my hand-we jumped over boulders together. A certain town stood behind me in the distance.
Dad I hardly ever mentioned you here but I miss you Dad. I just don't understand you and mom untimely death. I really dont!
Like I always say, God is not finish with me yet. Someday I will be refined..the same saying applies to you my friend.
"As a child, I watched movies where ppl found Jesus Christ. I told myself that I would make such movies later as an adult."
Thanks for watching Sex Television featuring yours truly. It's amazing how these videos get better as time goes by.
Dear fans, thank you for loving me. If it weren't for you, I would have been like a book on a shelf that was never read!
Females also claiming that theyre too stressed to have sex in this economy..Watch Sex Money Love ft DJ Mona-Lisa.
I know this guy-he cheated with the landlord so that he could cover the expense for the place where he and his girl lives. Video: Sex Money Love.
Men are cheating more than ever. They claim that a friend loan them the money to pay the car Sex Money Love ft DJ Mona-Lisa.
The economy..women are cheating so that they can pay the Sex Money Love ft DJ Mona-Lisa..coming up!
Im just finishing my paperwork to go back to college-already my head is pounding..need to do a naughty video yow..stressed!
Shocking: I was trying to break up a fight amongst two guys when I overheard one of the fighters calling on..not God but-Saint Lucifer.
Damn..I was watching an advertisement on my video..crude..didnt know ppl were aborting babies cause they're girls.
It's a female DJ in New York that was also on WNWK 105.9 fm..speaks a strong Jamaican dialect...that's all I can say!
To my sponsors on YouTube: Thanks for the inspirational ads that accompany my videos. I really appreciate u..thanx 2 my fans.