I wanna do it-that simply means Im gonna do it! thoughts are green lights in my mind that signals me to take action: http://ping.fm/BP1nD
I wanna do a video where I play the part of a prostitute standing at a light post and one where I stop traffic in my bra! http://ping.fm/2qlip
Yea I show that tattoo for the first time-it says Jesus! The one on my breast has my name. One says Fortune and Fame and another says Angelic!
Yea I show that tattoo for the 1st-it says Jesus! The one on my breast has my name. There's one that says Fortune and Fame-one says Angelic!
WorldNews: DJ Mona-Lisa, hottest girl in 2011: http://ping.fm/n9OBA
One fuck should last me for a while-I dont wanna look fucked out on camera: http://ping.fm/Pu7sK
Everton, kindly respond to my messages. Im in Miami and need to complete certain task. Have a nice day!
I cry for my country. Why should the citizens of Jamaica not be able the enjoy the beauty thereof-whose to be blamed for the sufferings-how long?
I got up worried for my country, wanting better for the citizens of Jamaica. Wondering what its gonna take for my ppl to have a fair government.