I got cursed out for my Naughty girl voice last week but thats the REAL me-I mean what am I to do-cant always live the life of a radio dj: http://ping.fm/bLCt2
Oniele I have many voices-my radio voice, my naughty girl voice ect-I cant believe ur hearing me for the 1st time boo! http://ping.fm/EMFBl
You're really trying to screw up my Christmas-go screw the dog: http://ping.fm/4YS27
There is no such thing as a bad girl being good, she'll just end up getting her ass whipped. You know who you are-kiss my ass: http://ping.fm/74c1y
Hottest Girl 2011 ft DJ Mona-Lisa: http://ping.fm/Ndpmw
It aint a merry Christmas Yow-just cant wait for the next 6 hours for it to get out of my face!
I cant give like I use to and it tears me up inside: http://ping.fm/t5O2K
Overall, I am a part off the 99% that is suffering around the world. I have no time to pretend! http://youtube.com/user/thesexymonalisa
What stopped me-I just remembered Jesus died for me Yow! Then YouTube signed me-for real!
I almost put the webcam in my room and get rich quick-started to strip-FUCKING ECONOMY..heres the video: http://ping.fm/x01iA
The ecomomy is bad yow-last year my pussy was up for bid on fucking Amazon! This is the show! http://ping.fm/vgbp1
So hard for me to tell my friends Merry Christmas ya know, I know theyre all going through a lot!
Its call Sexy Call Girl, shes rude and shes tough-a bitch-thats me in my past life: http://ping.fm/MRATa
Well I uploaded 5 videos today at http://ping.fm/Q0Bec Love the one where I say, Im here-open the fuckin door!
The truth is even when mom was alive, she never accepted me as her child. I was adopted in cyberspace by ya all: http://ping.fm/U7QIa
This video is dedicated to the ppl that makes Christmas so special-that includes you: http://ping.fm/us0K4
I guess I will go back to editing videos-I cant deal with this pain? http://ping.fm/qNToe
Im here thinking where did they went-Oh mom I cant believe ur gone!
Yes it the hardest day to cope in my life; it has a lot to do with mom and dad, grandma and grandpa not alive!
Most Beautiful Women Online: http://ping.fm/cMwP9
I wish I could say its easy being DJ Mona-Lisa but its not...pain-more fame!
Hey I did it my way, Love you everyone-seriously, happy holiday! Bye til later.
Wow dont let Santa close to ur kids-the motherfucker may be a child molester: http://ping.fm/wHhWG
Fucking gay ass Santa gave me nothing for Christmas-bout I been too Naughty! Fuck you Santa: http://ping.fm/u09TS
I probably fuck myself for Christmas! I know how to fuck myself good: DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame) Episode - Sin City: http://ping.fm/RyxIJ
Yea Im single this Christmas-didnt you watch the drama-here: http://ping.fm/MnkUT
For real Santa is fucking gay-ever heard of any Miss Santa-either he's a pervert or fucking gay!
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By the way Baby-did you get my pussy by Fedex? http://ping.fm/EhZm8
It's so fucked up-Christmas my ass, people need help-the fucking government kiss my ass-santa fuck off!
I refuse to follow the crowd-I'm die before I do!
The rich make money during Christmas seasons-the poor spend the last that they have-fuck this holiday: http://ping.fm/Vwkms
So many families are in desperate situations-what is there to celebrate. Dont tell me Jesus was born today..I know better plz!
This the most fucked up Christmas Ive ever had, I mean-why fool ourselves, whats so fucking merry about this freaking day!
Election in Jamaica only 4 days after Christmas-I think thats so insane! http://ping.fm/8IxWn
DJ Mona-Lisa woos fans for Xmas with new stunning exotic video: http://ping.fm/LJQLr