XFactor PPl from the Caribbean needs to support Melanie-emerged from the realms of a culture that she is not ashame to be identified with.
XFactor Melanie: She has depths, longevity and strength; as the years go by the world will understand her-so much she haven't yet said!
XFactor Melanie whatever the outcome-ur a winner; so sorry you were teased girl, hey u were being truly empowered!
XFactor-Chris I'm feeling ya-love the 5 million dollars song!
I want it to be special for ya Christmas-this video is gonna be the best Ive ever done! http://ping.fm/rAfst
Oh by the way-how are you my fans? Love you all so much; here warming up for a bad girl video shoot!
And if they talk me some more, I'm gonna sign that offer that I turned down then haterz gonna run for cover: http://ping.fm/tx0Pu
Talking me is stupid; I only getter badder and richer. For the latest gossip on me-Im doing a video in my undies on my bed: http://ping.fm/lwuyG
I don't want millions of fans; that's not me-just a few loyal friends who truly understands me: http://ping.fm/sSFBH
I had to go thru security today. He requested that I remove my leather jacket-I had on just a bra underneath-cool thats what u get: http://ping.fm/3EUR3