DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame Reality Series) Bitches Wanna Lick My Clit: http://ping.fm/CFmHt
DJ Mona-Lisa video marathon weekend: coming next-Sex and Fame Reality Episode entitled Bitches Wanna Lick My Clit!
Im a rebellious child so Im gonna make this video naughtier than before!
Now its time to be fucking me! Video coming up.
Most may not complain about my last 3 videos, I spoke in a universal language-which is music: http://ping.fm/LXyI1
Okay viewers complained yesterday about the way I spoke-I gave you three videos for one-now its time to republish Bitches And Clits!
Watch DJ Mona-Lisa (The Fabulous Life) http://ping.fm/ZRMGq
An apology from the staff of Staymore hotel will not do. I never say who I am when I go where I go...treat everyone well!
No hotel should have their guest sleeping in someone else's blood, Staymore hotel has no regards for its guests!
I mean my family and I were totally disrespected at Staymore hotel! Why when Im right ppl wants to shut me up!
I really think it was wrong that the ppl at Staymore hotel insisted that I slept in a bed with menstruation and pee!
Hi everyone, Bitches and Clit (The story of the lesbian molester) lol will be republished later! Coming up, The Fabulous Life!
I guess the word is out-yes I got dumped-yesterday was my worst day: http://ping.fm/Z2ZvZ
Its not my fans that hurt me; its ppl who never heard of me-they see me for the first time then pass unfair judgment in less than a second http://ping.fm/gpFPH
My worst experience for 2011 was being attacked after doing Bitches and Clits; I was shock-thought I had given my most exotic performance!
Hi everyone, Im doing some editing to DJ Mona-Lisa (Bitches and Clits) Will holla at you as soon as I republish!