OMG Im number 146 of over 30,000,000 overall and #9 in Florida on Yearbook: http://ping.fm/UzYCZ
DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame) Celebrity Sex Lives: http://ping.fm/yTlVY
The Braxtons: Just be yourself Tamar; we already love you for who you are! Great success with ur radio show.
The Braxtons: Tamar that aint how ya do a radio show gurl lol!
The Braxtons-Toni I like how you believe in Tracy and gave her a second chance I cried then; Tracy I'm so proud of you!
I hate conceited bitches like Beyonce-talking bout video leaked-she thinks the world revolves around her!
I mean how comes that stupid Bitch Beyonce dont know why God gave her a talent-she's a sicko!
Tamar from The Braxtons..lova ya girl; Im definitely a fan!
Hi everyone, kindly check out my latest video; Im here getting my hair done-time for a new hairstyle: http://ping.fm/cTCFn
XFactor Oh Marcus Im so happy for ya!
TheXFactor: Hey Simon, I hated that-when you said, Marcus ur going home. Nichole you did the right thing!
XFactor-America thank ya all so much; you know your stuff. Marcus we love you. Rachael you'll be around for a long time girl!
I dedicate this video to all the ppl who had a place in my heart and got evicted-aint crying no more: http://ping.fm/vs5Q1
It's great being alive! http://ping.fm/0cZjt
I did ask my mom to tell me the truth-thats when she replied, I wanted to abort you! http://ping.fm/sqBWO
Well I investigated the matter and according to my facial contours and eyes, I'm definitely mixed with chinese: http://ping.fm/jag1E
I like my slanted eyes-honestly I think my mom gave me to the wrong dad: http://ping.fm/5YVN4
Well new hairstyle-won't be going short for a long time-the videos are cool-my latest: http://ping.fm/mlSjV