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How was I to know I was dating a guy who climbs ackee tree: Yep! Should have named this video Ackee Boy! http://ping.fm/y5y8t
For real I should have named this video Ackee Boy! http://ping.fm/en4JT
Hear me out, never wake me up even if the house is on fire-it affects me badly-Im gonna hit the shower!
I think Im gonna put out the video where I said the concept of go fuck urself needs to be revised!
This calls for a real dirty video!
This is not cool at all-I mean this is fuckery; I'm tired-why the fuck ya wake me up-I worked all night !
Oh God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh God I got the worst headache, I always tell ppl dont wake me up when Im sleeping-I havent slept all night Yow!
Debbie dont keep talking bout DJ Mona-Lisa, DJ Mona-Lisa, talk bout child molestation...pisses me off, I hate fame.
Rome wasn't built in a day and by the way my fans know where to find me-remember Google!
Hey Debbie-that's enough! I don't run down fame okay!
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Yea I got brown eyes!
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I actually got my lips from my grandfather lol
Hi everyone-kindly watch out for my latest video, Paparazzi in about 20 mins-I just did it since night.