DJ Mona-Lisa (Dirty Sex Laundry) in 30 mins! http://ping.fm/mWVR9
Yea my channel is now strictly reality-so now you gonna see all my biz! http://ping.fm/PyhCv
Okay its 6 mins long-may take some time to upload. I will call it Feisty Bitch!
Okay-but its not professional-do ya still wanna see-I thought you liked just my bad videos!
Ih gosh I'm tired what is a feisty video gonna do for you plz!
Yea I got more private videos! I'm looking at one right now. I'm real feisty though in this one.
Really I don't know if I can keep that video up-I mean its a home video when I was up to no good.
I only laugh that much when I'm up to no good: http://ping.fm/Ow7n0
I just feel like giving some trouble: http://ping.fm/mlr02
Yea I'm rubbing it in Junior's face then delete it: http://ping.fm/yZvGH
Junior, no apologies; yea I cheated with a bodybuilder-met him on Tagged: http://ping.fm/eYbKH
Nigger don't fuck with me-if ya aint making me happy-Im gonna cheat on ya! http://ping.fm/9NdAc
Yow don't leave no fucked up message in my mailbox; I cheated-now you know: http://ping.fm/jFJqi
The Day I Cheated on My Boyfriend: http://ping.fm/BV1Xc