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My fast lane-I'm scared!
I aint changing the name now-thats it!
It's gonna be renamed though-watch out for DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame) Sleeping with a Bitch LOL!
That video I may republish later-the one where I tell you bout my past boyfriend that acts gay...ok later-deal!
Lol yes me and God, we're cool; He likes me cause I'm real.
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In regards to my remarks today about not being happy, here is my response: http://ping.fm/RMRhx
Later, I got to go. I got work like crazy to do; never worked this hard in all my life...bye!
Now you now DubWonder is DJ Mona-Lisa..keep it on the downlow lol!
You don't remember me cause I changed by name-I am DubWonder!
I started on WNWK 105.9 fm amongst the best-Clinton Linsay, Clive Hudson, Gill Bailey, Prince Kalunda, Andell Forgie.
Yea I've been a radio dj in America over 20 years now. Been in the industry most of my life: http://ping.fm/hodpk
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Sharon this is the full video where I cried: http://ping.fm/2tUZW
In the end I did it my way: by the way hi everyone-take care of your hearts okay..remember you come first!
Sexiness is it-that's why I got the hottest nonprofit channel on youtube. Who needs boredom! http://ping.fm/j4qhc
There's no acting for the campaign video Sharon; I cry for real okay! look in my eyez! http://ping.fm/QZR9a
I never like the kind of campaigns that force themselves on ppl-the ad is cool,simple and fun: http://ping.fm/wwqax
Welcome to DJ Mona-Lisa Broadcasting new employees. God knows I need ya all right now!
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