Word up-hey catch ya later-gonna play with my fat fluffy clit: http://ping.fm/gMZJT
For real-dem girls be freaking me 2 in cyberspace-Sin City no doubt. http://ping.fm/Dvjns
Wow this is my life-Haterz don't ya just love to hate this bitch who keep ya cumming secretly: http://ping.fm/yBRdS
Im that fucking light! http://ping.fm/9RbVB
Come on now-there gonna be a fire burning-men be stressed out sometimes: http://ping.fm/8pZUk
Ya know-fought it all my life but its my destiny: http://ping.fm/nRFdx
Hear me out...from I was about 6, the neighbor told me I was gonna be a bad bitch! http://ping.fm/uBTmI
I'm feeling every dick-WORLDWIDE! lol http://ping.fm/iiwdh
Yea Sin City is the bomb-no fake boobs! http://ping.fm/dUm02
Sex in cyberspace is fucking cool! http://ping.fm/D3qry
AWESOME-gonna leave it right there then go take a shower: http://ping.fm/7Bp2c
omg I felt it-spalsh it all over my booty: http://ping.fm/MqrOb
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The X Factor: Back to making my sexy exotic videos-great show! http://ping.fm/975cI
The X Factor-Melanie-love your outfit-she was the only contestant that actually "Sang". Ur accent-way to go!
The X Factor-that gurl that did, "Can You Feel It?" No, I never felt it.
The X Factor-wouldn't you like to hear Chris' rendition of "I'll Be There" on an album? That was so fuckin' cool!
Marcus on the X Factor-Boy you rocked my fuckin world!
Ladies and gentlemen-no doubt-the vote goes to Marcus this week on the X Factor! Muscles and all-awesome performance.
The X Factor: Marcus you were phenomenal!
DJ Mona-Lisa response: Yea if it's a hit-I pussy whip it: http://ping.fm/Lx9oi
DJ Mona-Lisa's video for ChrisBrown single, Beautiful People! http://ping.fm/cOl9a
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How can my videos say, Fuck me if I'm fucking constantly? This pussy been fasting: http://ping.fm/sHsJL
By not fucking my sexual creativity is becoming more and more explosive! http://ping.fm/8IMBD
It felt so good relating what I felt in this blog-I never like to keep secrets from my friend: http://ping.fm/Ldumr
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