My fans know that naughtiness is my means of redemption that escorts me to another dimension: http://ping.fm/znIWR
One day it all comes together-the taste of poetry; the mysterious appeal..I feel like a sculpture uncovered by its Maker: http://ping.fm/zjbSO
Temptation leading to lust and eruption without penetration: Fascinating video seasoned with heightened erotic music! http://ping.fm/mwfOk
DJ Mona-Lisa takes you for a spin in her sexual fantasy world; be totally intrigued by fetish ecstasy:http://ping.fm/Rb876
Suave sexiness with hints of passionate intricacies. Fusion enforced by DJ Mona-Lisa: http://ping.fm/M67GN
I would never ask God for a man; that would be so stupid. I'm already in the heart of many: http://ping.fm/vJMIF
Dedicated to my fans-I love you all: http://ping.fm/2L9SW
Really pisses me off-leave me the fuck alone-I'm single and Im loving it-its all about my fans-go fuck urself: http://ping.fm/JSzt1
My ex who said just now he's gonna kill himself-sorry I don't care a damn! http://ping.fm/4hBkQ
I would advice my ex boyfriends to get a life cause I'm having a great time with my fans-fuck ya all! http://ping.fm/heJdF
Hey Richard, I currently have about 80 videos; here's the link: http://ping.fm/l2bgY
I truly dedicate this video to my devoted fans-love DJ Mona-Lisa, keep your heads up: http://ping.fm/YezoE