Yes I lived in Brooklyn, New York for 10 yrs. It's the accent right!
So much to say..my reality show: http://ping.fm/gWi2S
So I left the hotel only to be greeted like a superstar at another hotel. I was so amazed. Don't settle my friends.
I spoke to her about it, she said I did it yesterday and I will do today again. I was gonna punch her out!
The housekeeper uses too much bleach when cleaning. That's not good for our health. Kill the germs without killing me!
Well yesterday I cursed the housekeeper out-I'm mean this black chick can only take so much. I felt good after.
I just wanna say I appreciate you; may all my fans be blessed today and always. Bless 'em Father!
I become all things to win souls, a preacher..a pornstar-ya got a problem with that Devon-take it up with God!
I had a beautiful dream last night. I dreamt that I touched the sky!