DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame) Part 21 coming up!
Im editing Sex and Fame Part 21; I'll make up to the Boyz later. That's a private mail Bitch!
DJ Mona-Lisa your mailbox is bursting at Badoo...suspended..response ASAP to fans.
DJ Mona-Lisa: Get a life gurl-anyway I got better things to do right now...Sex and Fame Pt 21 cumming at ya!
Jennifer: Okay she smokes; I was fucking shock! Did yall see the video; it's not like I lie.
DJ Mona-Lisa: Why do you make it look like I'm a smoker Jennifer-find a better way to say that!
Watch DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame) Part 21 later; find out what causes DJ Mona-Lisa to start smoking!
No I don't smoke; it's just acting!
DJ Mona-Lisa new promotional video entitled Rehab: http://ping.fm/ZqrQ2
Watch out for DJ Mona-Lisa new video-REHAB!