For more info on Occupy Jamaica check out the Jamaica Observer: http://ping.fm/JrrLW
Occupy Jamaica protest on October 20th, Half Way Tree Square at 2 pm...demanding equal rights and justice for all.
Occupy Jamaica..Sale of our assets: Appleton rum, Captain Morgan rum, Tia Maria coffee liqueur, Red Stripe beer...Dickie Crawford
Occupy Jamaica: Sale of our assets: land, bauxite, beaches, hotels, airline, airports, coffee ect- Dickie Crawford
Occupy Jamaica-statement-Dickie Crawford: Neglect of the people: poor housing,schooling roads, water, healthcare ect
Occupy Jamaica-Dickie Crawford states-We want a new Jamaica: equal rights and justice, peace, safety!
Jamaicans I'm so proud of you all...we are amongst the 99%-Occupy Jamaica Oct 20-Half Way Tree-2pm.
Occupy Jamaica: “Occupy Together” movement, calling for an “Occupy Half-Way-Tree” for Thursday, October 20, at 2:00 pm.