This calls for a revolution: http://ping.fm/LWx5l
I'm here refreshing my knowledge about Madame Tussauds; my grandmother taught me about great scholars when I was a child.
Hey thanks for the channel views-I truly appreciate: http://ping.fm/9dmAZ
Im just this strange person who doesnt talk a lot at all-always thinking or talking to God.
Nobody ever gets me on the phone-Im sorry!
Yes I will be shooting videos for three days in Jamaica!
Diet-fuck that shit-Nice Ass-Big Tits-who wants just bones!
Leroy-no new pics-this one of my latest video with most of my pics-caution though: http://ping.fm/enwfQ
Arlette, the song that is featured in my video is "When You Feel Lonely". To find on itunes, spell artists name-"M-a-v-a-d-o".